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Maria Barabash

My name is Maria Barabash. I am a journalist, an editor, a mother of 3 children and a passionate traveller. This love was instilled in me by my parents. We lived in Chukotka (the Northern part of Russia) and my parents spent almost all the money they earned on travelling through the cities and villages of Russia.

As soon as there was the opportunity to go abroad, I immediately took advantage of it. And 10 years ago, during one of my trips to the UK, I met my Irish husband and now live in London with our wonderful children and Vasily the cat. I work as an editor of a  Russian magazine “My baby”, write articles and books, help friends from Russia to choose courses and schools in England and help to find guardians for kids who get places in British boarding schools. But the main thing is travelling all the time. If not in reality – then in dreams: planning new trips, getting acquainted (often virtual) with unusual people and discovering new horizons.

Our whole family loves to travel. This is our hobby, what we are willing to expend our energy, money and time on. But we also love children so have three!

But with each new child travelling became increasingly difficult and more expensive. Not to travel for us was unthinkable, so we started looking for alternative options, and found one: home exchange! Now we are so keen on these kind of journeys that we just can’t stop. I really want to share our experience so that someone else would be a little bit happier and will be travelling around the world more often.

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